How To Jump Start Your Car

Have you been dissapointed by your car at a critical moment when you can not spend more than a few minutes to go about the proper and necessary procedure of reinvigorating the car? If the problem with your car is just the battery then you have got a problem that will not take much to fix. You can jump start your car when a problem of car battery arises.

Having mentioned jump start of a car, what does it mean and how can it be applied when you need it. Jump starting a car is a method of starting a car or any other machine that uses battery. When the battery of the said car or machine has discharged below the minimum level that can power the machine, the help of an external power source is used to start the engine. Jump starting is also referred to as boosting. The external source may be another person's car or some instituted workshops that offer such services. To use the aid of someone's car you have to have with you a good jumper cable that can temporarily power your car from the aiding source.

A step by step procedure will be outlined on how you can jump start your car when the need arises.

1. You will need another car whose battery is in a working condition. Then place both car in neutral or park and engage their breaks.

2. Your will need your jumper cables to connect from the battery of your car to the other battery in the other car. Where you do not have jumper cable, you have get someone to lend you

3. With the red coloured jumper cable, connect the clip it from the positive terminal of your battery to the positive terminal ( sometimes written as pos or + on the battery) of the other cars battery.

4. On the other car, clip the black colour jumper cable to the negative terminal of the battery and look for an unpainted part of your car and clip the other part to it. Ensure that unpainted part where your are to clip the jumper cable should not be anywhere close to your battery.

5. Ignite your car to allow engine of the car run for up to 10 minutes.

6. If your car is unable to start. Start the engine other the car and let it run for about five minutes, afterwards you try you car again

7. In case where it does not come up, it is then obvious your battery is no longer functioning and should be replaced.

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